Thing #3

I enjoyed posting my blog. I would like to see others blogs and how they input pictures.
Using the avatar was interesting. I've used yahoo avatar before and the only issue I have is with the variety of body types. I don't think the avatar I created really represents what I want people to think about me because of how different my body type is compared to what I posted but the avatar could also be seen as an escape. What do you think?

PS: How I post my picture: Well, I actually copied it with a right click from the picture that was downloaded into the picture gadget and I opened the picture in my picture program. I edited the size and cropped it to make it like I wanted the picture to look. I saved the file as a jpeg on my computer hard drive. I then went back to picture gadget and uploaded the picture from my Picture folder from my computer. Not really complicated probably just weird. I really felt like showing the whole body of the avatar was such false advertisement but I really wanted to display the cute jazz shirt.


  1. You may want to go back and look at the directions for posting the avatar. You need to go to the homepage of the Yahoo avatar and look on the right for the link to EXPORT your avatar. And yes the jpg format is the correct one.
    Yes, you used a common practice of right click and save, but you need to be careful because the file you clicked on was a small one apparently (probably a thumbnail size) and that is probably one reason your is so grainy because when blogger uploaded it, it stretched the file!

  2. I don't think my avatar looks bad. I think it looks pretty good. I know how to follow directions. I chose to present my avatar this way. I don't think it looks too grainy at all.