Thing #6

This is an example of Flickr Trading Card tools.

In this post, I would like to discuss the usefulness of the Flickr Mashups. I couldn't figure out the mappr program but it seem like it would be a good program to assist teachers with social studies. The Bookr program interested me the most. This is a program that can be used with any age group. It can also be used cross curriculum. It's simple enough to just add photos from your hard drive or from the Internet to make up a photo book and share it with others or it could be use as part of a project for science to show a process. The Bookr program also took me to Phrasr, a program that would make decoding more interesting to young children or it can be used to define different terminology in different subjects using pictures.
Flickr has many apps that can be used. You just have to take a day or two to go over them all to see what suits your needs.


  1. What about posting a bookr example?

  2. Yes I will take that into consideration.