Thing #9

The most simple blog finder was Bloglines. The page is simple and it asks what specifically you are looking for such as a feed, a blog or a clipping. Now the trouble I had with Blogline was when I did find a good rss news feed I wanted to read, the link was not available. I did manage to get to the site but when I did get there, the feed looked as though it had not been updated since 2003. Syndic8 was too busy looking at first sight. I was like "what?" and as I scrolled down the page, it looked as if someone wanted to impress the reader by supplying useless information. I almost did not try this page but when I did type in the same information from blogline, I came up with better, more detailed return. Syndic8 actually tracks the sites and let you know when the last update was done and if it is active or even in repair.

I found the Technorati site the most busy not confusing for the fact that if you are easily swayed away from a focal point, you don't need to cruise this site. I found myself blogging on other blogs instead of trying to find the site I wanted. It's interesting for entertainment purposes also. I like the way it is catergorized by topics.

I found this really good site for teachers and how to use technology in the classroom. It's call Free Technology for Teachers. It's also different especially the video they added about texting.

Check out my Blog List to see some great blog sites I found.


  1. Great stuff on your blog list - thanks.

  2. Library Stuff has been a fav since I started blogging. Saw him at TLA 2005 & was able to ask him questions about the whole blogging idea...I really like how he covers such a variety of things with his short little posts...like visiting the grocery store and shopping!

  3. I've really enjoyed following Free Technology for Teachers, too! Many great, usable ideas. Thanks for the other suggestions!

  4. Great stuff on your blog list..Thanks for spreading with everyone..