Thing #7

I finally succumbed to the Google last summer. I first began with iGoogle and customized a page that utilized many of the features I want to see when I open up my web page to the internet such as the weather, a clock, a calendar, the google notebook and dictionary to name a few. I recently learned how to use the Picasa Web Album. I have made a collage and a slideshow using the photos I uploaded. I learn to use Google Docs for a class I was taking but I first discovered it while volunteering for the Bill White campaign. I was using a spreadsheet and I was able to share it with another user who was logged into the program at the same time. I like using Google Docs which includes word processing, databases, and spreadsheets.
I collaborated with others to edit a paper I wrote and if I didn't like the editing, I could always go back to the original version. I thought that was pretty neat.

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