Thing #5

When you think of a library, you can't help but to think of history. You think of reading and success. I would post up these pictures in the library to let students see the audacity of hope. President Obama had some nerve to believe he could be President of the United States in a time when Black men lead the prison population, are mostly seen successful in rap and sports and are the lowest turn out as college graduates. You let your students know what it means to push through adversity and these images would be there to back your words. This is why I like the rain picture. You just see him pushing through it. It gives you hope to push through your own adversity no matter if the odds of success are not in your favor.

Obama in the rain

Obama is hope


  1. Have you seen the image generator website for making Hope-like posters? You can create your own posters using the similar format and colors. Here is some info about it. Obamiconme.com

  2. Trina, I love the picture and your thoughts on sharing it with your students to inspire them!