Thing #13

I really like the new social online bookmarks or favorites. I have lost countless lists of favorites from hard drives that have crashed or lost favorites lists I thought I could not live without by not getting the same computer from year to year. I have been trained to use Diigo and it's good. It sometimes gets in the way with all the sticky notes that show up on your web page when you are logged in to Diigo. I did enjoyed using Delicious. I was first introduced to Delicious Bookmarking when I was working at HISD. The problem was when we were introduced to Delicious, no one told us how it worked. They just said everyone should be using it. Anyway, if you want to organize your favorites list and never lose them because they are saved online, then Delicious is the way to go. I love it with the tags. It organizes better than your computer's favorites. Commons Craft is great at explaining exactly what Delicious is and what it can do. As a teacher, I would come up with certain tags so that the other teachers in my school would know how each of us are organizing our resources. Because everyone organizes differently. I would love to use Delicious in the schools because now everyone can share their great ideas and for those teachers who are selfish but still want to post their bookmarks they can those private.

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