Thing #22 NING


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How cute is this video? I found it on TeacherLibrarian Ning. One of the social networking sites created by a Ning user.
Once again, I first heard about it from my school district but since it was never explained to me, I ignored it. I only discovered ning when I was surfing the web myself and wanted to join a social network. I think social networking gives you many skills with using the net. I love being a part of this community. It's like once you are on ning as a user, you can find other links and sites that maybe interesting to you without changing your username or password.
I think teachers in a district would love to use ning if they are encouraged to do so by showing them how easier it would make their lives. I have a friend who works at a school where she is the only 5th grade teacher there and she gets frustrated not being able to share lesson plan ideas with anyone. Well just think of how being part of a 5th grade ning network would make her life easier. I think it's the district's responsibility to let teachers know about different outlets like this one where it can help teachers think smarter not work harder.

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