Thing #19 Web 2.0

Well it seems I know a little more about Web 2.0 then I was given credit for. I have discovered that I have been using some of these Web 2.0 tools before I knew it was called Web 2.0. For instance, I discovered Pandora when I was working in a school that had no reception. I loved listening to a certain type of music so I just searched for some type of online radio that played what I wanted to hear. I then discovered Pandora. Besides, the apps I have learned this semester, I have been using alot of social networks, Colorblender, Yelp, Monster, and many others. I think a librarian who uses a computer knows more than what they think they know. It's just a matter of learning the correct terms of what we know already. I drove the painter crazy who painted my mother's house last year when I learned about Colorblender. We found this exotic color through color mixing online and then the painter had to go find it. Thank God for Lowes.
Some of these online applications will make a teacher's life more interesting and will make some of the more boring class lessons more exciting. The writeboard website alone has many activities to get started. I would use the photo sharing apps alot to get students to write and associate words with real pictures. It's the next best thing to being there.

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  1. Colorblender looks intriguing. I plan to play around there some this summer. I have some painting to do!