Thing #16 Wikis

I had a chance to comment on the sandbox wiki. It's amazing how the teachers and students have learned so much eventhough some of this is overwhelming. I think everyone wants to continue learning now that it is explained to us instead someone trying to explain any of these applications during a inservice.
You know when I first began this class, I was not going to use wiki and it would be something I learn about but would do the other communication applications instead. Well I have learned about the wikispaces and I love it. I have my own wiki space I created call TEJ's Technology Information For Elementary if anyone wants to check it out. I also introduced the PB Wiki to my classmates as a way we could work on our project together when we were not in each others' face. I think teachers and librarians can work together collaborating when time is a factor by using a wiki. What if a teacher or librarian wanted to discuss a book with her students? She can get all kinds of responses on the students' time. The wiki is great! I'm getting ready to introduce it to my family for our family reunion meetings. How about that?


  1. Sounds like you have great wiki plans. I tried to view your technology wiki but you have it set up as private. Did you intend for viewing of the info to be private or just the adding and editing?