Thing #15

If you are wondering about Library 2.0 go to this great article in School Library Journal. Don't let the word journal scare you. This article will explain exactly what Library 2.0 is and what it means to the librarian's future. I want to use this quote from one of the articles I read, "Others within the profession have asserted that Libraries have always been 2.0: collaborative, customer friendly, and welcoming." Some librarians believe that this whole technology thing is just a big hype and on one hand they are right. The library and technology are two different things but so much information now can be found on the Internet that it is a big part of the library and librarians need to know how to navigate it. Then there is a quote, "We need to focus our efforts not on teaching research skills but on eliminating the barriers that exist between patrons and the information they need, so they can spend as little time as possible wrestling with lousy search interfaces and as much time as possible actually reading and learning." I didn't get this because navigating the Internet is a part of teaching research skills. I would think that a librarian would introduce the Internet search.
Check out these articles: Say good-bye to your mother’s school library
By Christopher Harris -- School Library Journal, 5/1/2006


  1. I enjoyed the article by Christopher Harris very much. I like the idea of the "Library Powered" stickers just like Intel used for their "Intel Inside" campaign. Maybe it's a little corny, but clever nonetheless.