Thing #17 Rollyo

What is rollyo? Well after spending some time with it and creating my own search roll, I have to say that I had to rewrite my post. At first I wasn't understanding the whole concept but then I went back and really looked at it and discovered it is kind of cool. I thought it was like a bookmarking search but all other kinds of sites came up when I enter my search roll. It lets you create your own search engine. I can see how a teacher would like this site because I have often wanted my students to use the sites that I have picked out for them sort of like our own database. When I was teaching lower grades I had to go over how to get to the sites I wanted them look into and then show them how to save it in favorites. This way I can just tell them to go to the Rollyo logo, click and they will discover the sites I want to look into.

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